Come join us and build your own wooden surfboard

General Vibe

There is nothing quite like the feeling of catching a wave on a wooden surfboard that you have designed and built from scratch.  Here at Lignum, we want to share the vibe!

A Lignum surfboard building workshop is a 5 day hands-on course where you will learn the art and  craft of wooden surfboard building. The board that you take home will be custom designed and built by your own two hands. No woodworking knowledge is necessary as you will be guided by experienced hands who will share the love!


You will learn the surfboard shaping process using traditional woodworking hand tools.



Pre Course

Let’s design your dream board together!

A meet up with us; face to face, email or Skype. Choose one of our designs or be creative with your own idea.  Do you have a go-to board that you would like to replicate in timber? This is your opportunity! 



Day 1 – Assembling the frame work and gluing onto the bottom skin

Day 2 – Gluing the rails and preparing the board for the top skin

Day 3 – Bonding the top skin onto the frame

Day 4 – Board shaping

Day 5 – Board shaping and finishing ready for glassing


Additional Info

If you are interested in joining us in the workshop we would love to hear from you. Use the form below to drop us a message and we will get the ball rolling.

*All under 18’s welcome, but they must be accompanied by an adult.