Imogen Robinson – Friday Girl!

Imogen Robinson – Friday Girl!

For those of you who don’t know, Imo has been Lignum’s Friday girl! She’s also Harry’s better half and recently became Mrs Robinson! Over the past year, during the highs and lows of starting a new business Imo has had the task of keeping us boys in check, chasing all manor of paperwork, generating folders, talking to the government and generally all the important stuff.

If that doesn’t sound like enough work she is also a fully qualified ocean yacht master and professional sailor. She will be heading back to sea to skipper Sea Dragon on her next amazing adventure. eXXpedition is an all female crew who will be sailing through the north pacific gyre or better known as the pacific garbage patch. Their voyage begins in Hawaii and will sail 2,800 nautical miles making landfall in Vancouver. Imo and her crew will be sailing through a wide range of conditions as is required to navigate the dominant high pressure which is also the mechanism that brings the surface plastic together. 

Sea Dragon has now left Hawaii and will be at sea for a approximately three weeks, conducting important research and providing a viewing platform for the world to see the extent off the ocean plastic problem . . .

To read more about the yacht Sea Dragon and her adventures;

To follow Imo and her crew via the tracker;

For further reading about eXXpedition and the work they do;

In the mean time we’ll file all our receipts. . . Promise!

Good luck Imo!

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