Lignum 🖤 Festool

Lignum 🖤 Festool

The quality of a product reflects the skills of the craftsman, it also demonstrates how he understands and uses his tools.

Last summer, we contacted Festool with some technical questions regarding problems we were having with achieving the right finish on the cedar skins of our boards. Western Red Cedar is a difficult timber to work with, in terms of getting good results from sanding, this is due to the fact that it has such a varying density between the growth rings. The softer layers of the earlywood sand much faster and show sander marks more severely than with the tougher latewood. 
Paul, from the support team, gave us some great tips. He suggested and then posted a pack of their special Rubin and Granat sandpaper which reached us the next morning. We had instant quality results, and as we strongly dislike sanding, we realised how much easier our lives were going to be from now on!
After this brief positive contact with Festool, we started thinking about the possibility of testing some of their tools on our boards. They were keen on this idea as wooden surfboards are not the usual products they are involved with. After much drooling over their 2018 catalogue, we devised a plan, which resulted in a video shoot with our friend Emily Harris from 
We were really surprised at how many tools Festool sent us, when the delivery driver opened the back of his van, all we could see was a wall of Festool branded boxes. Christmas had definitely come early for us…

A week later, the film crew were in the workshop capturing the process of us building a wooden surfboard a la Festool! It turned out that there was more to it than we thought. There were crazy jigs to get fancy camera angles, a special microphone to get just the right sound, clapper boards snapping visual and sound marks, countless scenes, many takes, and a massive amount of film equipment. After two long days and countless cups of tea, the footage was complete and the workshop was returned to its calm old self. Our part, the easy part, was finished. 

We can’t wait to see the magic that they have worked in post-production. The video is currently being polished and we are very excited. It should be signed off and ready for viewing shortly.
A huge thank you to Festool for the tools that you have given us and for the opportunity of working with you. Our grateful thanks to Emily for her patience and brilliant skills behind the lens, and to Paddy for catching all the wonderful sounds in the workshop.
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