Eco Board Project – We got Gold!

Eco Board Project – We got Gold!

“We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to.”

– Terry Swearingen

What is an Ecoboard?

In it’s essence, an Ecoboard is a high performance surfboard made from sustainable materials with as low an impact on the environment as possible. Ecoboards have a measurably reduced carbon footprint, they use renewable, recycled, and/or upcycled material inputs, and processes that reduce toxicity during manufacturing.

For us this translates into making bespoke surfboards out of sustainably grown English Western Red Cedar sourced from the South West of Britain, glassed with a durable Epoxy resin with a high bio-based carbon content (Entropy Resins Super Sap ONE), and built with durability and longevity at its core.

We have recently been qualified to make Gold level Ecoboards. This means we were independently audited by Sustainable Surf and were found to fully comply with their Ecoboard lifecycle study. “Boards carrying the Gold label are using more sustainable materials, sourced from responsible supply chains, and made by board builders with improved manufacturing processes.”

The surf hardware eco problem is a complex issue and defiantly on everyones mind. The nature of the high performance materials we have grown to take for granted are a challenge to replicate with their sustainable counterparts – there have been compromises along the way, Fin boxes, Glass fibre and Glues are to name a few. Board for board however, a timber core offers a very credible option to take a greener stance on your surfing footprint.

Here at Lignum we believe in going green wont compromise your stoke on the water, Through good design wood docent’ mean heavy and slow, it stands for a alternative against throw way culture and helps us achieve a plastic free lifestyle.

The greatest advantage of timber it its an absolute pressure to work with, Check out our workshops page to come and join us in the workshop and build something to surf and cherish for years to come!

We only have one planet.

The Lignum Boys.



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