Lignum Clipper Class

Lignum Clipper Class

“Boats which endure”

In 1987 Classic boat magazine defined the term Classic boat as “boats which endure”. Both of us, having spent time offshore on such vessels, began thinking about a high end luxury paddle board that would incorporate the look, feel and most importantly the endurance of a traditional classic yacht.

The design challenge was to embody as much heritage and prestige of these iconic boats as possible in a wooden paddle board. We were fortunate enough to have the project commissioned by broadcaster, traveller and adventurer Ben Fogle, who was looking to replicate the craftsmanship in his father’s Canadian canoe.

Clipper MK1 is the prototype, the hull is strip planked with local UK western red cedar and sealed with our environmentally friendly epoxy resin and varnish. The deck is made from a layer of Teak and is treated with double boiled linseed oil. This provides a natural non slip surface with no other treatment or grip necessary enabling the board to retain its classic looks. In keeping with the yacht look, we have developed a lightweight wood core fin with a brass surface that is reminiscent of classic boat hardware.
Last week, we used the ideal sea conditions in the harbour for the first trials, a resounding success. We achieved the boards design load line by using our 25kg ballast and myself, 95kg ± the Christmas dinner!

Clippers were fast smooth sailing ships, which were used to freight cargo across oceans. The Lignum Clipper was developed for much the same! This board is designed to provide a stable platform for you and your cargo. We are pleased to report back that the board has earned it’s name.

We will be showcasing the prototype, Clipper Mk1, at the London Boat Show which takes place at the ExCeL centre on 10-14 January so why don’t you come and join us to see firsthand this truly unique paddle board.

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The Lignum Boys

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