Lignum T-Shirts!

Lignum T-Shirts!

Every team needs a uniform, so back at the beginning of the summer this became one of our many goals.

More changes made now fine. Check font and line spacing!

Design brief No. 1

At the start of a brief it’s important to ask some key questions. What does it take to make a good T-shirt? Great art work, quality materials, attention to detail and of course a low environmental impact. How do you achieve it? Keep as much as possible in-house, source the best materials and enjoy every aspect of the making. 

Our first task was to create the art work. Fortunately for us, Alen’s mum – Angelika Van Rooyen, is an extremely talented artist and was keen to offer a helping hand. Angelika utilised her natural talent to create a design that completely captured the Lignum vibe! What was it? A bloke surfing on a tree log! 
The relationship between learning and making is a big part of the Lignum way. If it can be learnt, it can be made. We teamed up with the guys at Hunt The Moon who turned our design into screens and kindly spent some time teaching us the art of screen printing! 

The T-shirts are hand printed here in the Lignum workshop with water based ink onto 100% organic cotton and they are produced in a wind powered ethically balanced factory in India. The T-shirt embodies everything that we are trying to achieve in our work – sustainable, high quality and environmentally friendly products that are built to last.

We’ve enjoyed every aspect of making this shirt, and we enjoy wearing them just as much. Grab yours today to join the team, and if you think you’ve got a design that we’d like – why not send us a picture to


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