Schooling the Lignum way!

Schooling the Lignum way!

What a week! For the last week before the August bank holiday we decided it was time to run Lignum’s first surfboard building workshop. Local Devon boys Alex, Mark and Rick joined us for 5 days in the workshop for a board building extravaganza!


In the design process everybody had a custom board designed to their own specifications. Like ducks to water everybody decided to go for the fish… classic! Two retro Steve Lis’, one with added volume in the chest for extra paddle power and the other designed as similar as possible to the board that made the man himself famous. Alex wanted a copy of his favourite foam board that had seen better days.  After studying the lines, we popped it into our CAD system and tweaked the volume slightly to compensate for the use of timber as opposed to foam for the core, and hey presto! The wooden twin of the go to board was born!

A solid week of building, shaping, sanding and drinking coffee was really good fun. Al and I learnt heaps from running the course and so did the guys. It was like going to sea ‘the man who shapes a board without learning something new isn’t trying hard enough’!

Cheers lads, see you in the line up! 

Photos by Alex Williams

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