8′ Gun for Pete Cade

8′ Gun for Pete Cade

Downderry local and professional photographer Pete Cade came to us with the idea of replicating a 8ft ‘gun’ surfboard he had seen whilst on holiday in Australia. He had been inspired by a range of Australian hardwood boards crafted by Legendary shaper Jim Banks  that he had seen in an Art Gallery in Margaret River.

He was won over by the purity of design and beauty of the wooden atheistic. The next stage was to embark on the project back home with local shapers.  

Working together with Pete we were able to hone in a design that was both beautiful but also functional. He was keen to eschew solid hardwood so that the board was usable – “For the day of days at my local” in Pete’s own words.

Using Western Cedar wood and a CNC hollow internal frame working the resulting end board is that that marries the classic, battle proven template of a 8ft gun with the strength and functionality that wooden construction offers. The board was paired with a custom presentation rack and takes pride of place in his dining room – waiting, of course, for the ‘Day of Days’.

8′ Wood Gun Core Exploded diagram

Hanging on the wall


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